Health Safety and EnvironmentAs a healthcare company, Eli Lilly Pakistan (Private) Limited is committed to the present and future well-being of the people and environment in which we live in.

Our Vision:

  • Our world class HSE performance truly matters to our patients, employees, and other local and global community.

Our Mission:

  • Engage Lilly leadership, employees, and external partners to achieve Lilly HSE Goal
  • To prevent catastrophic HSE events,
  • Our operations contribute to a cleaner and safer environment.

Our Beliefs:

  • No one should ever be hurt by doing their job at Lilly.
  • The Earth is ours to protect and pass on to future generations.
  • World Class HSE performance is a reflection of Lilly’s integrity.

To help us achieve our vision, the following tools have been made available at Lilly:

HSE Directions

All employee in affiliate is required to complete training on each applicable HSE aspect. The following is a summary of core training courses available to Affiliate personnel:

Introduction to hseDIRECTIONS

This orientation training provides awareness level instruction to new Affiliate employees regarding HSE expectations and responsibilities, policies and procedures, injury reporting requirements, etc. All Affiliate personnel must complete this computer-based training (CBT).


This brief CBT provides a special emphasis on MVS awareness and distracted driving. It lays out the expectations for Lilly vehicle drivers and includes information regarding when they receive behind-the-wheel, what to do when a collision occurs, etc. This CBT or an equivalent is required for all Lilly vehicle drivers.


This training provides fundamental instruction regarding ergonomic risk reduction related to material handling in the field, driving ergonomics, and remote or home computer use. This course or an equivalent is required for sales, medical, and other Affiliate employees whose primary work is in the field.

Workstation Safety Plus

This computer-based training database provides instruction on office workstation (display screen) ergonomics, and also includes a self-directed office ergonomic assessment. This course or an equivalent is required for all Affiliate personnel who work primarily at a computer in an office setting.


This training focuses on risk reduction pertaining to security risks and general safety, as well as emergency preparedness, for field and office based Affiliate personnel. This CBT or an equivalent is required for all Lilly affiliate personnel.

Driver Behind-The-Wheel Training

At a minimum, driver behind-the-wheel (BTW) instruction is required for every new Affiliate driver as well as for employees who are identified as high-risk drivers. BTW training is provided by driver training vendors and is arranged by each Affiliate. In the event the BTW instruction is not possible in a specific geographic region, comparable alternative instruction is provided.


Lilly Management acknowledges that the employees are their most valuable asset for which they are committed to provide the safe working environment. At Lilly in general and in Pakistan specifically the ratio of motor vehicle collision are quit significant for which Lilly has adopted a company goal to reduce its collision rate up to 50% by 2015.

We ensure our employees to “Be Alert” while driving as it is not only important for their safety but the same is also reported to Global HSE as Pakistan MVS performance.

To achieve the above goal, we do seriously concentrate on safe driving and take the corrective measures as explained in the MVS programs launched in 2010. Global HSE is also arranges different types of clips/ educational material to increase driving skills so that we could reduce the collisions and be safe.

Note :- Each collision does count - no matter of its seriousness and cost.

Some useful HSE trainings on safe driving we shared with employees.

Looking forward for your cooperation in this regards