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One thing we know from experience, the best health solutions come from committed communities and the small choices individuals make every day. Whether it's the community in which you live, or a community of people who are passionate about the same thing, we choose to reach out where we can help make communities stronger and healthier.

The Lilly MDR-TB Partnership
The Lilly MDR-TB Partnership offers education, training, and improved care to millions of people around the world who have fallen victim to deadly multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Among its many efforts, this Partnership delivers indispensable antibiotics to the poor and transfers drug manufacturing know-how to high burden countries.

At Lilly, we have a precedent for service from company's earliest days, rushing medicines to victims of natural disasters and supporting important civic organizations.

Today, we continue to find creative ways to give back to our communities. In our own neighborhoods and across the globe, we work hand-in-hand with governments and civic organizations to improve the health and well-being of the people we serve.

Globally and locally, we devote our time, resources and expertise to advancing medical science, improving global health, strengthening the communities in which we work and live, and operating responsibly as a company. This is part of our heritage and our promise to make life better for people around the world.

We have a robust history of community involvement and believe we can make an impact that extends far beyond the medicines we make. Many of our donations, we focus on improving access to medicines and quality health care for millions of people around the globe.

From 2008 - 2010, Eli Lilly initiated "Asia Insulin Donation Program" in five Asian countries: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and the Philippines. In Pakistan, Eli Lilly donated 37,000 vials of Humulin. The program was aimed to provide indigent diabetic patients insulin therapy with "free" insulin vials. There is a lack of government funding, particularly for diabetes related projects therefore, Humulin donation helped to establish Lilly commitment and support to poor diabetes patients in Pakistan.

Massive Flooding

In case of national disasters, Lilly always played an active role and supported the people of Pakistan. Whether it is earthquake in north of Pakistan in October 2005 or floods in 2010 and 2014, Lilly always remained in forefront with the victims of natural disasters.

In August 2010, almost all of Pakistan was affected with the massive flooding. At least 2,000 people died in this flood and almost 20 million people were affected. Lilly significantly contributed by making donations of medicines, clothes and food items to the people affected by flood.

Flood Relief Campaign 2014

Similarly, in 2014 flood caused an extensive loss in Pakistan. Hundreds of people had been killed and more than 1.1 million were affected. The peripheries of Multan especially district Muzaffargarh received mainstream of the flood. A large number of families have to vacate their homes and spent nights under open skies. Lilly team in Multan, arranged the Lilly's Global Day of Service with the victims of flood. Lilly team distributed food items & clothes in 163 families in one of the villages near Muzaffargarh.

Flood Relief Campaign 2014Flood Relief Campaign 2014